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Where to get a certificate of ownership?

December 19, 2014
Where to get a certificate of ownership?

If you want to completely manage your living space, to be able to make various transactions related to it, then you need to issue a certificate of ownership. Next we look at where and how you can get it.

Certificate of Title: Registration

This certificate can be issued after the privatization procedure. If housing has already been privatized, follow these instructions:

  1. First you need to get an extract from the cadastral passport in the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory). If the documents for housing and passport were previously issued, but more than five years have passed, then they need to be updated. To do this, you must leave a request to the BTI about calling a technical officer - after inspecting your house and the site, he will draw up an updated technical plan, and you will receive an extract based on the new documentation.
  2. Next, you need to prepare documents: those.passport BTI; cadastral passport; copies of the housing order; two statements; privatization agreement; document about the payment of state duty.
  3. All documents must be submitted to the territorial registration, cadastre and cartography FS. An important caveat: when submitting documents, all family members must be present, which are specified in the privatization agreement. After accepting the documents, you must be given a receipt stating what documentation you received and when you can apply for a certificate. Usually the certificate is ready in a month from the day of application.

If you do not have relevant documentation confirming that you own the housing, you will have to seek recognition of the right to property in court. Only after receiving a positive result, you will be able to do the privatization and registration of the certificate.

In connection with the issue of obtaining a certificate you will be useful to read.

Examples of sample applications for state. registration of rights to real estate you will find.


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