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Where to get a secondary education?

Elina Huzina
Elina Huzina
February 22, 2013
Where to get a secondary education?

Time runs fast, not having time to look back, you find your baby on the school bench. And there, you see, and it's time to get married. The child’s education must be given due attention. If with primary education everything is more or less clear, then the question of where to get a secondary education requires more detailed consideration.

Variety of options

Secondary education in the Russian Federation is divided into:

  • secondary education, which is received in the school gymnasium or lyceum.
  • Secondary general (incomplete) education the student will receive after the end of nine classes;
  • Secondary complete - after the 11th grade.

Secondary vocational education can be obtained if a person already has a certificate of secondary incomplete or full education, or primary vocational education. At the same time, primary vocational education can be obtained in lyceums and colleges, which were colleges in the past.

Specifythat secondary vocational education (SPE) is the level of specialized training aimed at training mid-level specialists in all sectors of the economy.

So, a person can get a secondary vocational education by studying in such institutions as

  • a technical school, where basic vocational educational programs are available for completing basic training in vocational schools;
  • College, which implements the basic vocational educational programs for secondary education institutions of basic training and secondary education programs for advanced training.

Organizational and legal forms among educational institutions of secondary vocational education are divided into:

  • State (GOU SPO), including autonomous institutions (ANO SPO) .;
  • Non-state (NOU SPO)

How to get a secondary education in high school?

An alternative option for obtaining secondary education is education in the system of higher vocational education. In some universities there is an open source software program. As a rule, separate departments or colleges at institutes and universities are engaged in this.The undoubted advantage of this option is that graduates are often given the right to enter immediately to the third year at the relevant university.

The question of where to get a secondary special education is difficult to call easy. After all, according to statistics, in our state today there are about 3,500 secondary specialized educational institutions. And most of them (almost 3000) have state status. More than 1,700 technical schools and colleges, and almost 1950 colleges provide their services.


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