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Where to go in January?

New Year and Christmas holidays make the month of January the month of holidays. And if you want to plan your vacation away from home, you should think carefully about where to go in January, because there are a lot of options. This may be a beach holiday, and a holiday in a ski resort or cultural and educational trip.

When planning a vacation in January, you should consider two nuances:

  1. The demand for trips in this period is great, so the price of the trip is much higher than in the other season. And the closer the New Year holidays, the higher the cost of rest. If you want to save money, better get a ticket in advance, for 2 months or even earlier. Even if you are going to rest on your own, bypassing travel agencies, still try to book places in hotels and tickets in advance.
  2. Again, because of the large flow of tourists, if you delay the purchase of a voucher, you risk not only overpaying, but, in general, either not going anywhere, or skip all the most interesting tours. Although it is always possible to get a good tour of the last minute, you should not count on the theory of probability in this case.

Holidays in January. Where to go

In January, exotic warm countries are very popular, where you can charge for the rest of the winter with hot sunshine, swim in the sea or ocean, at the same time admire the wonder overseas. In Thailand, during this period, beautiful weather. Not too hot, the average temperature is 27 ’, whereas in summer it reaches 40’, moderate humidity, in a word, paradise. If you are not cramped in finances, you can visit the Dominican Republic, Cuba, in principle, on any of the Caribbean islands you can experience the spirit of exoticism. Also at this time a favorable climate in the Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius or Goa. In Egypt, during this period, there is a season of strong winds, in the evening the air temperature drops to 10 ’, the water temperature is also low, but you can enjoy the monuments of architecture of ancient Egyptian civilization. January is rainy and cool in Israel.

If you like skiing, in principle, you can go to any country where there are mountains and ski lifts. The most steep slopes in France, Germany and Austria. The most reasonable prices in Andorra. Less steep slopes in Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic.In Finland, Sweden and Norway it is rather cold, but after skiing you can visit the real sauna. And it is not necessary to go abroad to enjoy skiing, because in no country are there as many mountain systems in Russia as in Russia. The main ski resorts of Russia are located in the Caucasus and the Urals.

Christmas and Christmas themes have excursion tours. The atmosphere of romance and positive reigns in any country. Those who want to see the real winter should go to the Scandinavian countries - Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Norway. In January, the weather in these countries is snowy and frosty. If you are planning a vacation with your children, you can visit Finnish Lapland - the homeland of Santa Claus, take a ride on a fabulous sleigh, leave the snowballs, fall into childhood with your child, I think you will enjoy no less than your child. In southern European countries, the average temperature of 13 ’during this period. Perfect weather for sightseeing. Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal will meet you not only with a sparing climate and beautiful views, but also with various New Year's performances.

Where to go to relax in January, you decide, most importantly do not forget to take a great mood with you!


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