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Where to walk in Moscow?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 22, 2011
Where to walk in Moscow?

The beautiful capital of Russia is Moscow, many people want to go there. Many have already been there, but they have not seen much. The largest Moscow is in the top ten largest cities in the world. Let's see where you can walk in Moscow, where to go at different times: in the afternoon, in the evening or at night, on weekends or on weekdays; what does summer Moscow offer us, and what it means to take a walk in the center of Moscow ...

Where to walk in Moscow: options

Come to the city center and go where the eyes look, and you will definitely find a lot of new and interesting.

Where to walk in Moscow today

A good way to spend your leisure time outdoors in Moscow is to go to any of the parks in Moscow. You will find that they are great and huge. Some parks are so large that you do not have enough day to visit all corners of the green park area. With friends, with family, with your loved ones, visit Friendship Park (River Station Metro), the Moscow State University Botanical Garden, Gorky Park and many others.

Where to walk in Moscow at night

If the weather is good today, then it is worth visiting Neskuchny Garden. This is a club on the seafront in the open. White walls with canvases, inside a round ballroom. The tables are located amphitheater. There are sun beds, the main thing is that you are lucky with the weather conditions, and then, there will be a starry sky above you.

Where to walk in Moscow at the weekend

An interesting adventure that can be planned for the weekend will be a trip to the All-Russian Exhibition Center. At the central entrance to the center you will find a huge number of attractions for a very different taste, which children will surely like. And more about where else you can have fun with children, read our article "Where to go in Moscow with a child?".

Where to walk in Moscow in the evening

In Moscow, there is a huge selection among the most modern cinemas. If you are thinking about where to go in Moscow in the evening, then visit some cinema, where you will be offered the latest innovations of modern cinema, not only the mainstream, but also the art house.

Where to walk in the center of Moscow

You can start from the monument to Alexander Pushkin Alexander Sergeyevich. After that, you can go down Tverskaya.To organize a small shopping allow numerous shops. The architecture of the 19th century, which is represented by the houses of Tverskaya Street, will not leave indifferent even the most avid skeptic. Further, you will reach Okhotny Ryad, where you can easily find interesting places and sights.

Where to walk in the summer in Moscow

In the summer you need to walk in the parks of the capital of the Russian Federation. You will find entertainment and food for the soul in any of the parks of the capital. They are very extensive and occupy a large area, which is why thanks to them Moscow is saturating itself with fresh air.

Here is what you can think up during your stay in Moscow. Every person who was born in Russia must visit Moscow, because this is the capital of our country. Moscow is worthy of admiration for foreign citizens, because it is not for nothing that Moscow is considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.


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