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How to buy a touch phone?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
April 12, 2013
How to buy a touch phone?

Nowadays, mobile phones have ceased to perform only one function - fast and ubiquitous communication. We are already waiting for additional features and brilliant design from these devices. Especially popular are touch phones. If you are thinking about which touch phone to buy, pick it up with the help of our recommendations.


No matter what they say, the size and responsiveness of the screen in a touchscreen phone are its main qualities.

Resistive screen. It consists of two layers - the lower hard and the upper plastic. Phones with a resistive screen are in demand because of their relative cheapness. However, such a screen is short-lived, it is easy to damage.

Capacitive screen. A phone equipped with a capacitive screen will last an order of magnitude longer than with a resistive one. But he also has flaws. You can work with the screen only by pressing on it with your fingers. Its cover does not respond to the stylus or other object.If you have frozen hands, then use the screen with gloves will not work. Exit - the purchase of special, conductive mittens.

Projection capacitive screen. Phones with this type of screen today are on the highest rung of cost. When creating a projection capacitive screen, a special technology is used. The phone can respond to pressing in different parts of the screen at the same time. It is extremely comfortable. You can use two fingers to scroll through the text, rotate it ninety degrees.

It is worth paying attention to the size. If your goal is to watch movies, read books, choose a bigger screen. If you are thinking about which touchscreen phone to buy for a child, it’s better to choose a budget option.

Design and additional features

Touch phones have a fairly modern appearance. However, budget models look more like regular phones. Which touch phone is better to buy if its appearance matters? Among the leaders - Samsung, Nokia. However, as practice shows, phones from Fly and LG companies have the most stylish design. Strongly occupied their niche touch phones from HTC and SONY.Each of them has models with their inherent features. However, all this is quite subjective, and it is worth choosing based on your own views.

To buy a cellular touchscreen phone today is simple, the choice is chic. In addition to its main function - to communicate, touch phones have a number of additional amenities. This camera, Bluetooth and the ability to access the network. Our advice: write down on paper the functions you need and select the phone by peeping into the list.


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