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What doctor treats the liver?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
December 27, 2012
What doctor treats the liver?

The body's refinery is called the liver. Eating or drinking, what is harmful to our body, we, first of all, do badly to our liver. Sometimes, the load on it is so big that it fails. We have to go to the hospital, and we don’t know which doctor treats the liver. What is this specialist?


This doctor gets its name from the organ that he diagnoses and treats. The word "liver" in Greek sounds like "hepar". Hence, and liver disease - hepatitis, and the name of a specialist who fights liver ailments. Sometimes, with pain in the right side, we go to an appointment with a gastroenterologist. And, most often, to the therapist, and rightly so. After seeing the overall picture of your health condition, he will determine your liver disease. Then, he will tell you which doctor treats your liver so that you can contact him.


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