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Which section is better to give the child

All parents strive, besides school,to give the child to the section, which would not only bring pleasure, but also be the most useful for his physical and mental development. Sports activities help to gain self-confidence, strengthen health and character. Consider some of the most popular areas and their features that will help make the right choice.

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Basic section selection rules

Well, if the potential of the child revealed, and he knows exactly what he wants to do. If the child has not yet shown the ability, then when choosing a section one should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Temperament.
  2. Weight and composition.
  3. Predisposition to certain sports.
  4. Health status.

Taking into account the listed important indicators, in making the final decision, inwhich sectiongive the child, guided by his choice.

What is important to know when choosing soccer

Which section is better to give the child

The ideal age for practicing football is 6-7 years. At this age, it is easiest to follow the instructions of the coach and learn the technique of the game. If a child prefers computer games to run with the ball and at the same time also shows interest in football matches, you can give it to this sports section without hesitation. It is necessary to pay attention to the character of the child - this sport is perfect for choleric and sanguine persons, but football is not the best option for calm, closed and assiduous children.

Features hockey lessons

Which section is better to give the child

Hockey can be practiced only by a physically healthy child, since this sport requires a lot of physical fitness. It is important that the child could skate from the age of three. Hockey lessons develop the vestibular apparatus, balance, ability to navigate in space. At the same time, hockey lessons are taught to make decisions in a short period of time and build relationships in a team. The disadvantages of hockey can be attributed to the likelihood of severe injuries, high load, which may adversely affect the learning.

Pros and cons of ballet

Which section is better to give the child

The ballet provides training for absolutely the whole group of muscles,boosts self-confidence and develop ear for music. This sport forms a healthy understanding of interpersonal relationships. Starting classes is better with 5-6 years, because earlier classes can discourage because of the high load. It should be noted that ballet draws substantial financial costs. It is best suited to purposeful and hardy children, who are not afraid of hard work.


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