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Which toilet is better - suspended or floor?

Bought an apartment in Kazan, doing repairs and picking up plumbing. The bathroom is not very big, but I want to make it modern.
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Anastasia Umkina
Anastasia Umkina
Answered 25 December 2017 13:22
Both options are good. Just hanging toilet is a more fashionable option and a place in the bathroom is saved a little because the installation is hidden in the wall. But to install this type of toilet a little more time is needed and a good master needs to be found in order to make it reliable. And the usual, floor-standing option - just set and use. Well, the price of the suspension is much higher.
Answered 25 December 2017 13:35
My parents also started repairs. I just pick them furniture and plumbing in the bathroom. But I immediately decided that I would buy a pendant, because it looks very nice and all communication is hidden in the wall. And for small rooms this option is much better. But I want to buy a new model of a suspended toilet - bezbodkovy.It is as hygienic as possible! Author, have you heard of this? You can see in the online store plumbing, although it costs more, but for him the care is minimal.
Answered 25 December 2017 13:43
I have a floor. This is the most reliable option. Although the tank in sight, but access is always there. Now with our water I often clean it, and if I were in the wall, how would I do it? The wall mounted toilet can be even more beautiful, but to hide the installation in the wall you still need to reduce a little space. So, the author, you choose - go to the store and look at everything on the spot.

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