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Who is a rastaman?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 7, 2012
Who is a rastaman?

All people are divided among themselves on countless signs, which are almost more than people on Earth. Among them, there is one: some people tried to smoke hemp (marijuana probably sounds more attractive), the other - no. Many of those who have tried try not to do this anymore, because they do not want to be addicts. Others continue to indulge in, but also do not want to be considered addicts. Many of them have found a way out for themselves to become rastamans. But who is a rastaman?

The Rastaman is a follower of the cult of Rastafarianism with its highest deity Jah. Rastaman wears dreadlocks on his head. Ideally, this is not the set of braids that you can often see, but long matted hair, unwashed and unkempt for several months or even years. On top of his hair is a red-yellow-green beret (colors of the flag of Ethiopia). He adores reggae music, and especially Bob Marley - the most cult Rastaman. He does not eat meat, does not drink wine, does not smoke tobacco. He smokes marijuana, not in order to catch the buzz, but to get enlightenment.In addition, he sings Rastan songs and tells Rastaman tales.

However, for the numerous scattered groups of the post-Soviet Rastaman subculture that emerged in the early 90s, the fulfillment of all norms is completely optional. Enough at least two. By the way, it should be mentioned that not all rastamans smoke weed. Many have become their love of reggae style. And the very idea of ​​Rastafarianism is very approximate and vague for most.

Rastafarianism originated in Jamaica in the poorest stratum of society. His religious foundation was a mixture of local beliefs, the beliefs of people of the Negroid race and Christianity. Experts say that the god Jah is none other than the good old Old Testament Yahweh. The cult itself arose in the 20s-30s of the last century, when a certain races (such a title) Tafari became emperor of Ethiopia, and in the world - Haile Selassie. There was a rumor among the illiterate local population that he was a direct descendant of Solomon and would send ships to bring black people back to Africa. Africa will become a superpower and defeat Babylon, that is, the civilization of the whites. In essence, this is the nationalist cult of pan-Africanism.

However, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to say who such a rastaman is, until he turns on the music of Bob Marley, doesn’t drag on kosyachky and enter I & I state, which means: I and Jha are in me.


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