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Who is suitable for Aquarius?

Classic Aquarius is a humanist, a realistic romantic, an engine of progress, always looking for new knowledge and impressions, sometimes paradoxical. It may seem and in fact be not like everyone else, as it is accustomed to living according to its own laws and rules, it does not want to be like others. Sometimes it can surprise and discourage others with a statement. Aquarius can be interested in anything, ranging from pottery art and ending with the questions of the universe. Who will suit Aquarius, his restless and inquisitive nature? Next, let's talk about who is well compatible with a woman-aquarius and a man-aquarius.

Who is suitable for Aquarius woman?

Lady Aquarius is attractive, intelligent, sometimes sarcastic, but in love can be timid, gentle and pleasant. To do this, we must get her to remove her "protective armor", and this is not possible for everyone and not always.

  • A good relationship between a woman Aquarius and a man-ram. He admires her, she admires him. They may have a lot in common, and therefore such unions are very strong.
  • Also for such a woman is a good twin man. Both are intellectually developed, a lot of knowledge and ready for adventures. At least a good friendship.
  • A lion-man shows a possessive instinct towards his darling, is jealous of her, but this jealousy is only amusing her. Both get from the relationship a lot of new, strong union.
  • Sometimes there is a relationship with a representative of his mark, but more often it is something like “friendly love”, children in such a marriage may not be, since both are sufficient for each other.
  • The man-scales and the woman-aquarius will jointly enjoy the beauty and wealth of this world, not bothering each other with everyday problems.
  • With a man-fish, you can get a good union, if both partners have experience of past relationships, which taught them a lot.

Who is suitable male Aquarius?

Aquarius man is active, sociable, cheerful, full of new ideas. Attractive for women due to its charisma and vitality. Not many of the Aquarian men marry, because they believe that marriage can limit their freedom. Male Aquarius is advised to choose a woman based on their age.

  • Up to 30 years old, he needs interesting communication, learning something new, learning new sensations and impressions. During this period, women of the air element are most suitable for him: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius.
  • After 30 years, Aquarius becomes more practical and realistic. He needs a woman who is suitable for such a life. Worth choosing a woman signs Virgo and Aries.
  • After 40, many Aquarius acquire respectability that is inherent in this age, and therefore a female lion will become an ideal companion during this period.

What is Aquarius in a love relationship?

Many Aquarius are very interesting personalities, so they choose the same people for themselves. Aquarius will never be left with those who do not "hook". Forcibly Aquarius will not be nice, you cannot bend under him, because this sign retains a part of its freedom and independence even being married. However, if you have managed to interest Aquarius, he will be faithful to you, both soul and body, in case the relationship develops well.

The Aquarius partner will have to put up with the fact that besides him, his loved one has a lot of their interests. He can not always sit side by side and look with enthusiastic eyes on his chosen one, he definitely needs time for endless self-development, communication, the study of something not yet known.But this has its plus: Aquarius will not demand that you spend all your time next to him, and will easily let you go to meet with friends or on some trip. By nature, not jealous - flirting with another person you do not cause him a storm of emotions, but the fact of betrayal will not forgive.

If you approach your Aquarius, he will surround you with warmth and care, will constantly feed you with new information, emotions, and impressions. But even if you are in love with memory, do not rush to run after the rings - such people are in no hurry to enter into an official marriage.

You should not take all the above information as the ultimate truth. All people are different, and even if the horoscope says a definitive "no", this does not mean that you will not be happy. In reality, relationships largely depend on how both partners behave, and not on who was born under any sign.


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