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Why does a modern woman have a husband?


Literally, a hundred years ago, the question of whether a woman needs a husband or not, simply would not have appeared in one head. Girls from an early age brought up on the concepts of family and strong marriage. They were inculcated in obedience and obedience to a man as the ruler of their life. The main purpose of their life was to make the spouse happy. This is a serious work, to which they came with all responsibility. Even in the women's boarding schools, the emphasis in the teaching of sciences was built on home economics, where girls were taught to prepare food, sew, embroider and not contradict their husbands.

These women had never even dreamed of a career. Do you remember many ladies who realized themselves in art, science or inventions before the 19th century? They can be counted on the fingers.

In her autobiographical notes, Agatha Christie claims that a woman who is not ready for hard domestic work and submission to her husband should not marry.

Emancipation, or why a woman has a husband today?


Emancipation put the accents differently.The center of the universe has now shifted. If earlier it was a man with his shortcomings and claims, now they have become self-affirmation and self-improvement. Today, a woman is not inferior to a man:

  • Takes decisions;
  • Earn money;
  • Drives a car;
  • Occupies executive positions.

To list all that women have achieved over the past century in the pursuit of equality with men will take more than one hour.

Now ladies have the right to occupy a serious position. The salary of many women is several times higher than the incomes of some men. Therefore, it will be able to support herself and children independently. Even if both work in the family, the woman knows that her children will not go hungry, even if her father decides to leave them. It must be said that in our time there are men who believe that the unemployed wife is a parasite. This causes an extreme degree of discontent.

Material dependence, based on the fear of losing a livelihood and questioning the life and health of the offspring, has disappeared

Accordingly, bringing the second half of the “mammoth” in the form of wages to the house, the woman wins the right to vote.After all, she spends the money earned as she sees fit, without asking permission and regardless of the decision of the spouse. Now she is her own mistress.

It follows from the history of mankind that as soon as two commanders appear in one place, a revolution occurs. The first bell of contention in family relations is challenging the decisions of the husband. The next stage - the husband stop asking at all. And in the end, the life position of a man is mocked, his decisions are no longer fundamental and not amenable to discussion. Some men are satisfied that the wife takes on the problems and troubles that occur in the family. They quietly shift the shoulders of the second half of the problem. A woman makes decisions, finds opportunities and means for their execution and independently does everything with the help of her abilities and intellect. A man becomes comfortable next to a practical and intelligent wife who resembles a mother. Mom took care of a little boy, fed, watered, bathed, holila and cherished. Moreover, in the family of the parents they did not demand independence and decision-making from him. So why overwork, if you can live on the thumb?

Why does a modern woman have a husband?

From generation to generation, moms become more independent and assertive, and their sons are weak-willed and worthless. We are growing a generation of male amoebae who are only capable of giving the female offspring.

Some reasons women still need a man

However, women, driven by the victories of emancipation and the desire for independence, forget that they were not called the weak sex for physical features of the organism or mental imperfection, but for the fact that at the moment of reproduction of their own kind, and long after, the woman becomes weak and vulnerable being At this point, the man becomes the very support and support that a woman needs so much.

If in the parents' house the man was taught that it is necessary to care for the neighbor and help in difficult situations, then the man will be able to give the woman what she so expects. And if he is used to the fact that the whole world revolves around his person? Then a woman can not be counted on for support. She wants the man who lives next to her to become a caring husband and father, and another adult child looks at her with a blank look.

There are several reasons that are fundamental in the fact that women tend to get married and find the one that will support and support them.


Humanity does not imagine itself without this feeling. Love - this is what lay poems and songs, poems and legends. Every girl, from the moment when she realizes in herself the feminine principle, dreams of a prince on a white horse and unearthly feeling. Without love, a woman becomes callous and angry. A man needs her, as the person who recognizes in her all the qualities external and internal, which she so diligently brings up in herself. Flowers, confessions and walks under the moon, kisses and sex - this is what every woman expects from a man.
Support and protection. Whatever women say now, the man is still her reliable protection and support. Nothing has changed since the hunt for a mammoth. If someone attacks the lady of the heart, the man takes the initiative in his own hands - he will not allow the offender to hurt his woman. Even earning many times more than a man, his wife feels a reliable and strong shoulder nearby. She knows that her husband is the wall that will not hurt her and children under any circumstances.

Why does a modern woman have a husband?

Financial stability

Women, trying to appear independent and proud, claim that they never had money near her man. They are cunning. This is one of the first reasons that make women pay attention to the man who is able to “bring home a bigger mammoth” than the other. Subconsciously, she knows that with this person financial stability is waiting, her children will not starve, and she herself can afford to buy a new dress at the moment when she wishes. In addition, people are different and there are women who sit at home, run the household and raise children. They do not at all consider this shameful; on the contrary, they believe that they are doing the most important work. Therefore, for them, a man is not only a lover and protector, he is also the man who will satisfy her needs for material benefits.


Subconsciously she is looking for someone who will be the father of her children. For women, it is important that this man was not only beautiful in appearance. A man must comply with all the preferences of a woman so that she wants to bear children from him. In this situation, the main thing is that the wishes of both parties match. To a man just wanted to have children, and from this woman.Otherwise, the life of both parties who have tied their lives due to the birth of a child becomes a test.


Many women, having played enough in strong and independent ladies, are looking for a man capable of giving her peace and composure. They are looking for a man that can not give them the world around them. They want to be themselves and take a break from their own independence. Such women have been independent for too long and have proven the viability of the world. If for a man this state is normal, then it is not incorporated in the female nature. This is superficial and living with it is very difficult. Have you seen couples where a bright and strong woman lives with a “gray” little man who is lost on her background? She stalks through life with her head held high, and he mince along. Do you know what's going on at home? Not always, but often. They change roles - a woman becomes a sweet and tender wife, and a man becomes her protector and support. Finding himself the one who understands and does not condemn, the lady becomes the happiest in the world.

Why does a modern woman have a husband?

Instinct of motherhood and family

At all times, the cell of birth and the formation of the next generation was the family. This is a kind of status of a woman in life.She asserts itself with the help of what feels the stability, prosperity and care that surrounds her man. It is important for her to be the center of the microworld that she creates with her own hands. She gives her husband what every person is looking for in marriage - love and care. And he, in turn, can provide her with a quiet future, in which she looks with confidence and hope that she is not wasting her time. Their children are the continuation of their parents, that is, what awaits our world in the future. They see themselves in their offspring and jointly give them the best - love, education, a stable future.

Emancipation, of course, changed the world of women beyond recognition. But, no matter how they strive to be independent of the male half of humanity, the world is different. There are no mammoths; safe methods of mining came to their place - work and hobby. Today, a man "hunts" for the livelihood of his family or goes fishing to pamper loved ones with fresh fish.

Relationships between men and women have not undergone fundamental changes. Ladies are still pleased when they are sought by gentlemen. They also prefer the most persistent and gallant.All the same, it is believed that a man with a sporty and strong body is the standard of masculinity. Nothing has changed in families:

Husband - earner and protector;
Wife - the keeper of the family hearth.

Exceptions to the rule, but these are just a few who continue to fight for independence. Or those women who have not met on their way of life men, able to shift most of their worries on their strong shoulders.


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