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Why do I need you?

Questions about the relationship of concern, judging by the statistics on the Internet, more than half of users. One of the most popular questions of the male population is: why do I need you? It may seem strange and even ridiculous to someone, but we should not forget that we are all different, and it’s good that a person asks this question at all and does not make such decisions in the heat of the moment, but tries to figure it out, wondering about the opinions of others.

Why do i need her

To those who are tormented by this problem, I would like to say the following: in human nature (and indeed, any mammal) to look for a soul mate. This need is laid in us by nature itself and attempts to curb these cravings and desires have never led to anything good. A man needs a woman, first of all, to create a family, to give birth and bring up children. The girl needs a guy to feel confident, full-fledged, if you want. Of course, some may object: after all, there are men (and women too) who live beautifully and alone.But think: how much what they told you about their beautiful life, is true? Most often, such people simply throw dust in their eyes, and if this person is already old enough, it means that he has already experienced the experience of living together and, as a rule, is not the best. But it is his experience, not yours, and therefore, a unique combination of characters, which is unlikely to be repeated in your case. In general, it is not always worth focusing on someone else's experience.

Do relationships interfere with favorite activity?

Finally, among those who ask this question, there are quite a few enthusiastic people (scientific experts, adventure lovers, spiritual seekers - it’s necessary to underline) who believe that relationships will inhibit their growth in some kind of business. However, this is a profound mistake. Relationships will slow down your growth only in the case when your chosen one will prevent you from doing what you love. In this case, it is really worth thinking about whether you need such a relationship. As for the union of two people who sincerely want to support each other, there can be no talk of various hindrances. On the contrary, your practice will be successful as never before.Suffice it to say that even many wise men were married and raised children and even grandchildren. But among the followers of asceticism, I did not observe something happy people. Of course, everyone decides for himself how to live his life, but my opinion is: relationships and family are one of the main values ​​in life. It is wonderful when you have a person to take care of, who is always happy for you and, in turn, can also support you. Look at some older couples: how warm people are to each other. Of course, they have experienced a lot, but they are happy, because a person is so organized that he needs half, and now you even know why.


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