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Why do nipples hurt?

Nipples can hurt in both women and men. This pain is unpleasant and brings a lot of inconvenience. Having found pain in the nipples, you should consult a doctor (mammologist, endocrinologist), who will make the correct diagnosis and write out the treatment. However, most of us prefer to first find information on the Internet, and only then visit a doctor. Therefore, in this article, let's talk aboutwhy nipples hurtwhat causes this pain and how you can get rid of it.

Why sore nipples on the breasts of women

Nipples, as you know, this is one of the most sensitive parts of the entire female body. Sometimes, the pain in the nipples can become just unbearable. In order to cope with such pain, you should find out the cause of these pains, and only then take any action to eliminate them.

Very often, pain in the nipples of a woman can be caused by the menstrual cycle, taking any hormonal drugs or antidepressants. Mastopathy or cyst formation in the mammary glands may also cause nipple pain.Nipple soreness may also increase during menstruation, PMS, pregnancy, and directly during breastfeeding. In all these cases, the nipples increase and swell slightly. Their sensitivity also increases, which can cause unpleasant pain.


Nipple pain during lactation can be caused by several reasons:

  1. Incorrect position of mother and baby during feeding;
  2. Improper sucking due to feeding and bottle, and breast;
  3. Improper feeding stop. If the mother takes the baby’s breast in the wrong way, it can cause pain;
  4. Damage, dryness or irritation of the nipple;
  5. Damage to the nipple nerve;
  6. Trite uncomfortable, narrow underwear.


Pain in the nipples can occur due to diseases such as mastopathy or mastitis. If, in addition to pain, there is also a discharge from the nipples, this may indicate a tumor in the breast, but not necessarily. Do not panic ahead of time. Only a specialist will be able to accurately determine the cause and prescribe treatment.

Why do male nipples hurt

As a rule, if a man has sore nipples - the whole thing in hormonal disorders.If hormonal hormones are disturbed - this can lead to an increase in the mammary glands, to their pain. To find out exactly why this happened, is it true, and how it should be dealt with - consult a doctor and get tested for hormones.


Gynecomastia often causes sore nipples in men. Both one nipple (one-sided gynecomastia) and two nipples (double-sided gynecomastia) can get sick and grow.

Gynecomastia may be false or true.

  • In case of false gynecomastia, when the nipples increase due to fatty deposits in the chest area, they usually do not hurt.
  • The pain accompanies true gynecomastia, in which the mammary glands are greatly enlarged due to the proliferation of ducts and connective tissue. It can be caused, as a violation of the hormonal background, and as a result of a hereditary predisposition to it. Such gynecomastia can go away by itself if the man is in adolescence.

Mammary cancer

This disease can occur not only in women. As a rule, it manifests itself in old age (after fifty) and can cause pain innipples in men. Symptoms in men have their own specifics and may differ from women.

What to do with pain in the nipples

In the case of men, only a doctor can help. If you have gynecomastia, but you are still in puberty, then you should not panic. As already written, over time, it can pass by itself.

Women should wear comfortable underwear, care for nipples while feeding a baby. Learn how to breastfeed, take away the baby’s chest. Use special soft pads for the chest.


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