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Why dream of a beard?

Anna Mikhailova
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Why dream of a beard?

Quite often, people in a dream see a beard. It is both a good and a bad symbol. It all depends on exactly what she was in a dream and what the person did to her. To correctly solve the dream where the beard dreamed, you can use interpretations of the most famous dream books.

Dream loft

If in a dream you were stroking a thick and abundant beard, then be prepared to receive large sums of money. Most likely, they will come to you as a prize. If in a dream you had to shave off your beard, then, according to the dream book of Lofa, in life you will miss the favorable opportunities that could improve your financial situation.

Summer dream

If in a dream you admired your beard, it means that in life you have to lose friends. Combing thick facial hair - to successful acquisitions. Shaving off a beard is to receive praise.

Autumn dream

According to the autumn dream book, a beard is a good sign. If it was beautiful and thick, then you will get good news from distant relatives.To see a gray-haired and thinned beard - to be sent on a journey. Shaving facial hair - to move up the career ladder.

Dream Eudoxia

This dream book also tells about what a beard is dreaming about. According to him, to see the gray vegetation on the face - to failure. If you combed a thick and beautiful beard, then in the near future you will be able to see old friends. If a young woman strokes a not too thick beard in a dream, then this is to an unsuccessful marriage.

Psychological dream book

If you dreamed of a rare beard, then this is a bad sign. In your life there will be a rival who will give you a lot of problems. It will be extremely difficult to neutralize it. If you dreamed of a gray beard, then you will begin in the life of the black stripe. Combing facial hair means becoming a vain man in life. If in a dream a young woman admires a beard, then in reality she will receive bad news.

Grandma's dream book

To dream of a red beard - to gatherings with good company. See how a man shaves vegetation, to deception. If a woman saw a beard in a dream, then in reality she would make a profit.

Modern dream book

To see a gray beard in a dream - to meet soon with a serious opponent. If you shaved off vegetation, you can get rid of many problems in a short time. Rub oil into a beard - to get a little money. To dream of a woman with thick facial hair - to the betrayal of close friends. If you saw a thinning beard, then in life you will encounter a dangerous criminal.


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