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What dreams of maggots?

March 6, 2015
What dreams of maggots?

If in a dream the maggots dreamed, the dream books will help to solve this vision. In general, these whitish larvae can talk about the occurrence of problems, the appearance of enemies or trouble. But in order to properly interpret a dream, you need to take into account the nuances of sleep.

Consider what dreams maggots men and women.

Oparshi dreams man

First, let's talk about the meaning of sleep for a man.

  • In a dream, a man had a dream of magnets: it means that he will do everything right for the marriage with his beloved. Their marriage will be happy;
  • the man dreamed that he slept with maggots. This suggests that he will be in trouble. He will not be able to cope with them, even if they are insignificant;
  • a man, having seen in a dream how calmly he steps over maggots, without attaching any importance to this, will solve all his problems and overcome obstacles;
  • In some cases, the dream larvae can serve as a warning to a man. He should take a closer look at his surroundings and friends. They can harm him, and do it behind his own back;
  • Using maggots in their sleep as bait for fishing is a good sign. He says that you can benefit in any situation, given the mistakes of your enemies.

Maggots dream of a woman

If these larvae dreamed of a woman, then further interpretations are possible.

  • A woman who has seen in a dream how her magnets crawl along her, in real life strives for material benefits;
  • if a woman in a dream throws off the larvae or gets rid of them, it means that she will stop dreaming of material wealth and plunge into the world of spirituality;
  • the larvae crawling on the grass in a dream will tell you that there will be a good harvest in the garden;
  • dreaming maggots tell a woman that she does not find satisfaction in sex because of the frequent change of partners.

Sigmund Freud wrote that the maggots symbolize the danger and duplicity of the person who is next to you.


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