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Why dream of crying?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
February 19, 2015
Why dream of crying?

Emotions in a dream are also a symbol to be interpreted. You should not discount them, it is better to be safe and found in the dream books that one or another emotion may promise.

From this article it will be possible to find out why crying is dreaming.

The total value of crying in a dream

Crying can be called a dual symbol, since it can promise a person both sad news and joyful events. It all depends on the plot of the dream, so others will have to be taken into account. Probably, our article will help you solve the dream. What if I dream that I am crying?

Why dream of crying woman?

If a woman cried with someone, then joyful news awaits her. Also, such a dream can make her receive a expensive gift. Crying in a dream soberly - to quarrel with his beloved, which will lead to a rupture of relations. But you shouldn’t regret it, because the dreamer will soon meet a more worthy person. When other people cry in their sleep, the woman will reconcile with her husband and harmony will come in the family.

If a crying man had a dream

If a man sees that he is crying, but tears do not flow from his eyes, then he should not provide services to anyone in the near future, otherwise everything will turn out to be sideways. To cry in a dream - to joyful events. To wipe the tears of your soulmate - to a romantic meeting with her. Crying with other people - to arrange things; hear crying, but not see the person who cries - to unpleasant events.


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