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Why honey is sugared?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
January 23, 2013
Why honey is sugared?

Many of us love to eat honey. This sweet delicacy can decorate almost any dish: a little honey adds spice to the meat, the wine gets a pleasant velvet shade, and the salad - a savory aroma and taste.

Why honey crystallizes

Honey should be distinguished by the place of its collection: honey will be collected in the steppe, in the meadow, in the forest ... there are many options.

If honey is removed from a single honey plant, it is one flowering plant, for example, acacia, then it is a homogeneous structure and is named after the component of the collection, for example, lime or acacia honey. If honey is harvested from various aromatic plants and herbs, then it should be called mixed or floral.

When buying honey, it should be borne in mind that over time it will not lose its useful qualities. But all the same, we are worried by the question: "Why is honey sugared?" Although it begins to crystallize, thicken and from the time it completely changes the appearance of an owl. Crystals usually appear as sedimentary crystals. And the rest of the honey becomes noticeably darker.

Crystals are sugar, because it is heavier than the rest of the particles in honey. It begins to settle to the bottom of the jar of honey. But if the honey is worth a long time, it crystallizes absolutely all.

What honey is candied faster

Each type of honey is sugared with its own rate of crystallization. And the more honey contains in the composition of cane sugar, the faster this process will take place. The most quickly crystallized honey is harvested from such herbs and plants as: radish, turnip, rape, honey less crystallized from sunflower or raspberry. And the crystals in your banks will always be different, it also depends on the type of honey. Should honey be sugared? Of course, it should, because its structure can not sugary over time. Only natural honey begins to gradually sugar up, starting from the bottom and gradually reaching the top. Artificial honey can darken, go rancid or begin to sugar from the top of the jar.

Sugar yourself

If you like candied honey, then this process can be accelerated. Mix a little liquid and already candied honey, so that they are well mixed. Then what you have done is poured into a jar of fresh honey and mixed. And then mix well every day. So within a week you get candied thick honey.

You can also put honey in the refrigerator, so it will also become thicker.

This honey is sugared

Of course, sugared. You can regulate the density of honey yourself, because sometimes it is more convenient for us to use honey if it is thick. For example, in the preparation of some sweet cakes, where honey serves as a glaze substitute.

What honey is not sugared

Absolutely any honey is sugared, even cooked by you by hand. If your honey is highly candied, and you need liquid honey, then take it and heat it in a water bath, after a while you will get fragrant liquid honey with all the beneficial properties!

Store honey, you need to close the tight lid in a damp and dark place.


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