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Why do I love mom?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 3, 2015
Why do I love mom?

Mom is the most important person in life. Mom endured, gave birth and fed us. Love for a mother is a feeling that is present in many of us by default, and we never ask ourselves why we love mom and why. But in fact, this love has many rationales.

Gave life

Many may be skeptical to note: "Mom herself decided that, and that gave me life. I did not ask her." However, the fact remains that you saw this world thanks to mom, and this is a wonderful gift, isn't it?


Yes, in some unfortunate cases, the mother abandons her children or simply pays little attention to their existence, but in most cases, fortunately, mothers constantly surround their children with incredible care, and this care is always present - when the child is 5 years old and when 50.


Mom, of course, can scold and punish, however, by and large, she is always on the side of the child. Mom will never give her child a grudge. It is inherent in us nature. Mom will always support and make believe in their own strength.In a difficult life situation, a mother will always help with everything she can - of course, she will always give advice, but she will also give up everything that she has so that her child can get out of a difficult situation.

Always loves

Mom loves her children, even when they are in a bad mood, if they scream and are angry. Mom understands the nature of the child, and therefore, even sad, when you tear off her evil, but it can accept. Friends and even a loved one in most cases answer your irritation with their own, but mother responds with love.


When you are in a bad mood, mom will always feel it and ask about its causes. We hide a lot from our mothers, especially in adolescence, and often refuse to give reasons. Even in this case, the mother will find a way to support, at least having prepared your favorite pancakes with condensed milk.


Only mom can ask for disinterested help. In addition, for the sake of this most disinterested help, she is ready to give up everything.

Sincerely interested in affairs

Mom is always sincerely interested in the affairs of the child, remembers even the most trivial little things.What kind of sweets do you like, what do you want to get for your birthday, what item is not easy for you ... mom knows all the answers about you.

Understands that is not perfect

Of course, mother is also a man, and therefore sometimes she can be in a bad mood and sometimes break, but when she comes to her senses, she will definitely ask for forgiveness, and believe me, she will sincerely regret that she screamed at you.

Ask yourself - “Why do I love my mother?”, And when you answer this question, do not forget to share the answer with your mother.


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