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Why is it hard to breathe?

Unfortunately, this topic is very relevant today. Especially for older people. There are many reasons why it has become difficult for a person to breathe. They can be both physiological in nature and acting from the outside. All these points we will try to make out in this article. Do you have trouble breathing? Not enough air and lung volume? Then most likely something happened to you.

Physical overload

If you have just been engaged in complex and time-consuming physical work, chopped firewood, were engaged in the hall, fled, then it is quite possible that you had normal shortness of breath, which does not amount to any danger to human health. With a large load, in order for the muscles to be saturated with oxygen, large volumes of air are needed. If the respiratory system is not trained, oxygen starvation occurs. If shortness of breath goes quickly, and no other symptoms occur, then do not worry. Just for a while, let the body catch its breath and be filled with oxygen.

Lung problems

If you have frequent colds,are you coughing? It's difficult to breathe? Have you recently had a viral infection, may the temperature rise? Surely you may have chronic bronchitis. Of course, there is no big danger, but life is badly spoiled. In addition, with neglect of bronchitis, chronic abstructive pulmonary disease may occur, in which the lungs and bronchi become sluggish, poorly filled with air, and adhesions may occur. In this case, immediately consult a doctor and quit smoking, at least for a while.

Heart problems

After the usual for you load, climbing the stairs, where you used to climb without problems, you suddenly have shortness of breath, and already for half a year. In this case, it is necessary to undergo examination by a cardiologist, make an electrocardiogram, tests with a load, since these may be symptoms of angina pectoris or �angina pectoris�. At risk are men from 40 years and women who are over 55.


Your nerves are on the verge of collapse, you had a quarrel with a loved one or with the boss? And suddenly at one moment you can not breathe, and you can not exhale. You ask: why is it difficult to breathe in such moments? Dyspnea is not uncommon with emotional overload, depression, bad mood.In such situations, the body also needs additional oxygen. Moreover, from a strong experience, a spasm of the respiratory tract may occur. To come to a normal state, start breathing deeply, rhythmically and more calmly, on the count of times - inhale, two - exhale.

Chronic fatigue

The main symptoms of chronic fatigue are dizziness, pallor, weakness, general malaise, fatigue and feeling as if you have not slept, it is difficult to breathe, with a lump in your throat. However, after being examined by a cardiologist, heart problems are not detected. The only way out is to donate blood for analysis, if it shows that you have anemia, then this is a classic sign of chronic fatigue syndrome. With a decrease in hemoglobin level, the volume of oxygen transport through the tissues decreases, and this causes symptoms. Treatment is to increase the level of hemoglobin.

Bronchial asthma

Do you feel suffocated when you play with a cat, breathe in dust, or smell a flower? Perhaps you have a bronchial asthma attack. You must be able to distinguish it from the heart. When a person has an attack of bronchial asthma - it is difficult for him to exhale, and in case of a heart it is difficult to inhale. Also observed dry, wheezing, lack of edema on the legs.It happens often that bronchial asthma develops against the background of neglected chronic bronchitis.

Vascular disorders

In addition to shortness of breath, you often have a headache, or maybe a microstroke has recently been transferred, your observation has decreased, and you always want to sleep? Often, shortness of breath happens with impaired blood circulation in the brain vessels, with epilepsy, meningitis. In this case, it is necessary to urgently pass an examination by a neurologist, and find the cause of circulatory disorders of blood vessels. Perhaps this increased intracranial pressure and spasms.

And if the child is hard to breathe? In addition to the above problems with breathing, in a child it can be difficult due to the ingress of foreign bodies into the respiratory tract: pins, buttons and other small elements. In this case, you need to urgently consult a doctor.

It is difficult to breathe through the nose

The reason for which nasal breathing can be difficult, mainly, is the curvature of the nasal septum, which is treated promptly. It can also be all sorts of rhinitis. Allergic - if you have any allergies, vasomotor, when the normal tone of the nasal vessels is disturbed,with prolonged use of vasodilator drops, hypertrophic, when there is a pathological expansion of the nasal mucosa. In any case, you need to consult a doctor-Laura.

If it is difficult for you to breathe at night, these may be signs of some cold, which gets worse at night, or a nasal septum and nasal polyps are possible. So hard to breathe. What to do in this case? It is necessary to undergo some tests to identify the causes of shortness of breath:

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Load tests
  • Determine the volume of the lungs
  • Blood test
  • If there are problems with cerebral circulation, it is necessary to make REO-encephalogram, as well as examine the fundus of the eye.

You can test your respiratory system with some tests. Breath hold - sit for 5 minutes in a calm position, then take a deep breath, then breathe out and breathe again with breath hold. If you lasted more than 40 seconds, and there was no cough, then everything should be fine. The distance from which you must blow out a candle without coughing and choking attacks is more than one meter.


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