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Why is the grass green?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
August 19, 2011
Why is the grass green?

Oh, how our little why-students can torture with questions! The curiosity of children sometimes finds adults in a rash. It would seem that such simple questions, and we suddenly can not give them the right answer.

Why is the grass green

Remember? It turns out that the sun directly affects the color of grass in green. We breathe oxygen. And green grass absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, and then releases the very oxygen that is vital for us to the air. In the cells of green leaves there is a substance called chlorophyll. The sun's ray hits the grass, and in it with the help of chlorophyll, important nutrients (protein, starch, sugar) are produced from carbonic acid and water. And these metamorphoses from carbon dioxide to useful substances occur just in the grains of chlorophyll. The sun is shining on the grass, and chlorophyll absorbs all the colors of this solar spectrum, with the exception of green. It reflects the green beam, and we see the grass green.


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