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Why is it better not to sleep in front of the mirrors?

Surely you have repeatedly heard that you can not hang a mirror near the bed. But have you ever wondered why such a ban is connected? Let's figure it out!

Logical explanation

Why can not you sleep in front of a mirror? If you think logically, you can find several reasons:

  • A person can just get scared by waking up at night. Firstly, he can see himself halfway. Secondly, the light reflected from the window can be reflected in the surface, which can also scare. Thirdly, sometimes chiaroscuro play with us evil jokes, and if you are tormented by insomnia, or you suddenly wake up at night, you can see something in the mirror that makes you worry. But this is nothing more than an optical illusion.
  • The possibility of falling mirrors. If this accessory is located in the immediate vicinity of the bed, then it is quite logical that it can fall, and right on the sleeping ones. So if in your bedroom there is a big, bulky and heavy mirror, besides unreliably fixed on the wall, then be careful!
  • Self suggestion.For example, after reading this article, you will learn so much new that you will inadvertently think about it. And if your bed is just opposite the mirror, then you will begin to unconsciously and unconsciously experience. As a result, obsessive thoughts will haunt you, you will hardly fall asleep and constantly wait for something bad.


Signs associated with mirrors and sleeping before them:

  • Energy magnet. It is believed that a mirror is a kind of magnet that can literally draw out energy, take it. A sleeping person is completely unprotected and most vulnerable, so that it is easier to “rob him” in a dream at night. By the way, for this reason, looking at the mirrors for a long time is not recommended for pregnant women and young children. And if you do not listen to this advice, you may experience symptoms such as drowsiness, fatigue, insomnia, apathy, depression.
  • Astral travel. Some believe that the soul of a person, imprisoned in his body, goes on an astral journey during sleep. And if there is a mirror opposite the sleeper, the soul may lose its intended course, get lost in time and space and get lost.As a result, she simply can not return to the body.
  • The door to the other world. It is believed that the mirror is a kind of portal leading to parallel worlds. And if the soul, which, as you already understood from the previous point, can travel at night, accidentally falls into the other world, it may not find a way out and stay there forever. In addition, from this original door, residents of parallel worlds can watch the sleeping. And, you see, it is not very pleasant to realize that someone is watching you.
  • Multiplying failures. A mirror can not only reflect, but also multiply. And if something not quite pleasant happened to you, then the mirror can only aggravate the situation. Often, people analyze everything that happened during the day, namely at night, and the mirror will be the negative emotions you experience, reflect, increase and return back. As a result, you simply can’t get out of failure, and the black bar will be very wide.
  • Problems in married life. It is believed that if the marital bed is reflected in the mirror, this can cause discord, quarrels, misunderstandings and omissions. What is the reason? Probably with the intervention of otherworldly forces or inhabitants of other worlds.And especially bad, if in the mirror besides the bed, the door to the room is also reflected. Through her will go away family happiness, feelings and all the best.
  • Eternal loneliness. If a lonely person sleeps in front of a mirror, then his loneliness will be constantly reflected and will never end.
  • In Russia, most fortune telling was related to mirrors. They saw the mysterious contented, the faces of the dead and even demons, and this means that in the mirrors there is definitely something unclean! And the bedroom is not a place for evil spirits. There should be an atmosphere of calm, auspicious aura.
  • Some believe that in the mirror you can see the souls of the dead. And at night they become especially active, so it will be simply dangerous to sleep. And if you constantly think about it, then something will certainly be imagined, at least because of auto-suggestion.
  • According to Feng Shui, mirrors, in general, is not a place in the bedroom. Their energy is too active and often aggressive, and this room is designed for sleep, relaxation, positive and quiet thoughts.
  • If the mirror is old, then it is more dangerous in a hundred times! The fact is that it could "see" a lot of terrible things and accumulate negative energy in oneself, which can pass to you during sleep.
  • In Russia, it was believed that the mirror was from the devil, and he could come through him.

Is it possible or not?

So is it possible to place a mirror in the bedroom? If you sleep in front of him for a long time, feel great and do not notice absolutely anything unusual, then you shouldn’t change anything (of course, if now your opinion has not changed). Or everything written above is only beliefs related to legends or stories of ancestors, or you are not affected by negative influences.

If you - the person is hypochondriac, and bad thoughts and fears began to slip into your head, then it is better to hang a mirror elsewhere. In the end, this is nothing complicated, but you will feel calmer.

Are you still sleeping near the mirror?

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