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Why not drink tea?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
March 21, 2013
Why not drink tea?

Mankind has a strange structure: it strives to share it in different categories, preferably strictly in half. For example, coffee lovers and chayelubas. True, this conditional confrontation does not prevent them from periodically using a drink from the camp of the “enemy”. We will not discuss anyone's attachments, but talk about who and why you can not drink tea.

About quantity and quality

Even avid coffee lovers recognize the virtues of tea and do not refuse a cup of flavored drink. Tea is the most common drink in the world, given the diversity of species.

And about its useful properties known since time immemorial. To the rank of a whole philosophy, real art, the use of this drink has been erected in some countries. In China and Japan, we are sure that tea enlightens the mind, gives the body energy.

But if everything is so beautiful, why not drink tea? Of course, the measure is good in everything. Toning properties can turn into a person’s harm if drinking too much tea. This leads to overexcitement of the nervous system, especially in the evening.

Do not forget about quality. Tea can not be brewed several times, and even more so to drink the next day (useful substances are destroyed, harmful substances are formed). Only freshly brewed tea consumed within half an hour will benefit.

Risk categories

Who is not recommended to drink tea in large quantities? Elderly and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Caffeine present in tea has a negative effect on their health.

Pregnant women should limit themselves in tea: stimulating fetus activity, it can cause weight loss. And having diuretic properties, it increases the already large load on the kidneys during this period.

The benefits of a popular milk tea with milk are never in doubt. Milk is a source of calcium, and reduces the ability of tea to increase the acidity of gastric juice. Recently, it was asserted that tea with milk cannot be drunk, since casein contained in milk neutralizes antioxidants, which are abundant in tea. It turns out that tea is not so useful. But the tea with milk does not harm either. It is better to drink and people with high acidity, ulcers. But from the usual tea they really better to give up.

As for green tea, it is healthier than black tea (more vitamins, antioxidants). But why not drink green tea? It is proved that purines contained in some products are harmful to people with rheumatism, because they increase the level of uric acid. In tea, the purine content is low, but it is still worth limiting. The diuretic action of green tea leads to dehydration, which also increases the amount of this acid.

Therefore, the conclusion is. Drink tea - green, black, with milk! But know the measure.


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