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Why popular beads of pearls?

The best minds of Greece in their writings asserted that the pearls are the mean tears of the sea nymph that descended to the earth at the moments of her joy in order to bring happiness to people. At the same time, the ancient Chinese considered pearls to be sacred stones, bringing luck to the wearer. Among other things, due to the variety of textures, shapes and shades, pearls can be called the base material for absolutely any jewelry or image.

About the incredible beauty and originality of pearl jewelry written kilometers of sentences, and this confirms the fact that the "tears of the nymph" is justifiably popular.

To date, the demand for both river and sea pearls has increased significantly, and already this season pearl accessories imitating the colors of precious metals are considered the most fashionable trend. What caused such a high popularity of pearl beads and other jewelry from leading designers in the world?

First of all, pearl beads are very practical. They can be advantageously combined with both a restrained classic costume and an evening dress in the floor.In addition, a wide palette of natural colors, ranging from delicate pastel and ending with rich dark shades, allows you to choose from hundreds of different decorations that will perfectly highlight your individual, unique style. It is important to note that in modern jewelry stores one can find jewelry made from pearls of fashionable colors nowadays, namely blue, red, yellow, peach and silver pearls. White and pink pearls are always trendy.

The second reason why pearl beads remain at the peak of fashion for many years in a row is the nacre pigments inherent in all pearls. Unobtrusive transfusion of beads in the sun can be a bright accent or a good addition to the image. It is important to mention that pearls imitating such expensive metals as gold, silver and copper are very close to the original in color. This allows you to combine similar pearl beads with accessories from other equally popular materials.

If you look closely at the beads, you can see a variety of shapes of pearls. Pear-shaped, round baroque beads, combining with each other, can create an amazing and one-of-a-kind ensemble of textures. The most popular form of pearls among jewelers and fashionistas of the world is the perfect circle.It is believed that it fits all types of face, therefore choosing beads from round pearls, it is impossible to be mistaken. Pear-shaped pearls are more refined and elegant. It was created to shine on the red carpet, so it is unlikely to be able to make a worthy company a practical girl. This variety of shapes makes original and unique even the simplest pearl beads, which undoubtedly adds popularity to this material.

The versatility of pearls allows fashionistas of the world to combine it with precious stones and complement jewelry with rhinestones, and its practicality is to choose beads of the most inconceivable length. So, for a strict blouse, it is better to buy a short pearl pendant, and a long pearl thread wrapped around the neck in several rows or tied in a knot can be worn to emphasize a chic neckline. Massive multi-row beads visually increase the bust, and single-row beats successfully beat the elegant curves of the clavicle. This list can be continued indefinitely, but absolutely all women will find their individual plus in favor of a necklace with natural pearls.

When buying pearl beads, the girl knows in advance that from now on she will be simply irresistible.


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