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Why is the computer not working?

Sooner or later, each user may encounter such a situation when his computer stops working. This can be an arbitrary shutdown, self-restart, no image, a full system crash, and more. Some failures can be quite serious, so you can not do without the help of a specialist, however, in some cases, you can fix the problem yourself.

Let's talk more about why the computer stops working.

The computer does not turn on at all

This problem can be complex, but it can easily be eliminated due to the fact that the reasons can be the simplest. Usually a complete “unwillingness” of a computer to turn on indicates a lack of power supply. In this case, you need to check whether all the cords are properly connected, whether the power sources are working (sockets, plugs, power cord, etc.). You must also ensure the integrity of the cords responsible for the functioning of the keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc.It is also possible that the motherboard burned down. In this case, it must be replaced.

Computer restarts itself or does not execute commands

If you notice that your PC "lives its own life" and does not respond to your "requests" to come into contact with it, it makes sense to suspect viruses. As a rule, spyware Trojans or any other malicious object is guaranteed to disrupt the harmonious operation of the computer, causing harm to the entire system. In this case, you need to test your PC for viruses and repair it as soon as possible. The computer can also restart itself due to overheating of the system or in the event of a low battery for BIOS. First of all, find out what kind of device overheats. This can be checked using special programs, such as.

The computer does not turn on, the coolers work

Sometimes the user may encounter such a situation when the computer does not turn on, but the coolers work. This indicates that the wire that connects the monitor to the video card has moved, and therefore there is no image on the display.First of all, you need to make sure that all cables are connected correctly. If you are unable to resolve this problem, probably the problem is in the video card itself. Refer to the experts. They will help you in solving this problem.

Computer worked, but hung

This can usually be due to system overheating and poor fan performance. If the coolers are insufficiently cooled, the computer may overheat, resulting in possible malfunctions. In this case, it is recommended to remove the cooler and clean it from dust and dirt. After the performed manipulations, it is necessary to replace the thermal grease and check the temperature mode using programs such as or.

The cause of a periodic freeze can be a failure in the power supply. Very often, computer lovers use weak-power PSUs, as a result of which iron can burn. The first symptoms may be a computer freeze, which will later lead to more serious problems. In this case, it is recommended to replace the power supply completely or its burnt parts: transistors, transformers, capacitors and others.

The monitor does not turn on

Turning on the computer, you saw that the display screen does not light up. “Black Square of Malevich” does not even think of disappearing, despite all your attempts to restore the image. Most likely, this may be due to poor conductivity of the voltage. Incorrectly connected or “outgoing” contacts often cause problems when you turn on the monitor. As a rule, this issue is solved easily by re-connecting the contacts, so if this is the only reason, the computer will work in a matter of minutes.

Video card does not work

On the monitor screen, you can see a variety of stripes or "pictures", as well as the "blue screen of death", which is characteristic of such a breakdown. Another problem is possible: the screen works for some time and then goes off for no apparent reason.

Since a video card is one of the most important elements necessary for a full-fledged computer to work, it can lead not only to image loss, but also a complete failure of the PC. Breakdowns of this important detail can be software and hardware. Typically, software failures associated with a malfunction of the video card. For example, the absence or incorrect installation of drivers can cause a malfunction of the video card.In this case, you need to download and install new drivers that will restore the card to work.

If this does not help, it is likely that you will have to reinstall the entire Windows operating system. Immediately after the "resuscitation methods" it is important to install new drivers for the motherboard, then the drivers for the video card and finally the DirectX interface pack. When troubleshooting, you can breathe easy, because the problem is solved.

If the above manipulations had no effect on the operation of the computer, it is likely that the failure is due to a hardware malfunction of the video card. In this case, you can receive signals that are "transmitted" by the BIOS. Depending on the number of beeps, the problem with the video card may be of one character or another. For example, in case of video card errors, you can hear three signals, then a pause, three more signals, another pause and, finally, four signals in a row.

Usually a broken card cannot be restored, so you will have to purchase a new one Replacing the video card will help return the computer to "life."

Hard drive does not work

The reason for the failure of the computer can be its storage element - the hard disk.Usually his “departure” is associated with damage to the surface and “broken” sectors, which are called Bad blocks in computer language. In this case, you can observe problems with the system boot and the inability to use the information accumulated on the disk. As a rule, a damaged hard disk cannot be restored, or it can be “reanimated” for a short time, therefore it is recommended to replace it. With the help of the program, a hard disk can be given a short life, but only for the purpose of extracting all the necessary information from it.

Now you know why the computer does not work. You can eliminate the causes yourself, but in some cases it is better to trust the computer specialist, who will precisely find out the problems with your PC and will certainly find solutions.


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