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Windows 7: how to adjust the sound?

The release of new operating systems brings unpleasant innovations: someone doesn’t like the new design and the lack of familiar buttons; for others, new ways of interacting with the system and setting it up seem difficult. Let's start working with Windows 7. How to set up sound and make it quality - you will learn about it from this article.

Sound tuning in Windows 7 is carried out through the control panel and allows you to customize the microphone, speakers, sound effects. The way to adjust the sound is different from the settings in Windows XP. Some changes have been added to the control panel that may seem unusual for users of other operating systems. But, in fact, nothing complicated in setting up the sound in Windows 7 is not.

Go to the control panel. In order to access the sound settings, you need to select the section “Equipment and Sound” -> “Sound” - quite logical, in general. We will open the settings window, the interaction with which we will study.

The audio settings window is divided into several tabs: playback, recording, sounds and communication. Let's get acquainted with them in more detail.

Sound Playback Settings

Tab "Playback" shows us a list of devices that can play sound. Devices currently in use are marked with a green check and disabled ones with a red arrow pointing down. Here, devices are not only physically connected to a computer, but also those that can be connected in principle — that is, sound adapters for which drivers are installed. Select the active device and click the "Configure" button. Here we can configure the playback device.

First, we configure the speakers depending on the number of audio channels. If you are using headphones or regular speakers, then our choice is Stereo. If you have a more advanced audio system connected, then you can choose “Quadrophonic” or “5.1 Surround Sound” or it, but in the “7.1” variant. When you click "Next" we can specify the location of the speakers, which of them are broadband and other useful things.

If on the "Playback" tab click the "Properties" button, we will see a window with additional audio device settings. Here we can turn the device on or off; change its icon and specify the sound format, adjust the sound playback effects.

Sound recording

Let's go back to the general Windows 7 settings window.How to adjust the sound recording? This is also easy. The “Record” tab shows similar settings, but now for recording devices. If you select a microphone and click the “Configure” button, the speech recognition window will open. Unfortunately, Windows will inform us that speech recognition is not supported for Russian. The "Properties" button can bring us more benefits, when you click on it, a window with tabs opens. sound tuning in Windows 7 is not the most difficult task, is it? The “General” tab in the properties of the microphone displays a brief information about the device. The Listen tab allows you to connect a player or other devices to listen to music; on the “Levels” tab, we can change the volume and microphone gain, while the “Levels” page contains the settings for bit depth and bitrate. The "Improvements" tab gives us the opportunity to enable various sound effects.

Other tabs of general sound settings in Windows 7 are also useful. On the “Sounds” tab, we can change the sound scheme used, and the “Communication” tab allows you to reduce the volume of sounds during conversations - convenient and clear! We hope this article has helped you become familiar with Windows 7.How to adjust the sound? It's simple, because now you yourself can share the experience!


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