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Winter hair care

Most importantly, wear a hat. Even if it seems to you that it's not so cold outside. Because of the cold, the blood vessels of the scalp are narrowed, and much less vitamins and nutrients are supplied to the hair than in heat. If you do not like a hat, then at least throw a scarf or tippet. It is best that the headdress be made from natural materials that allow the scalp to breathe.
Wash your hair every other day or a little less - depending on your hair type. Use a mild shampoo, and not necessarily the one that you usually use.In winterhair needs often change. It is best to use special shampoos for the winter.care. Water should not be hot, but barely warm, so as not to overdry hair and scalp.
Try to abandon the hair dryer, curling iron, ironing, hair curlers. Otherwise you will dry out your hair, it will become weak and brittle. If the hair dryer is still needed to create hair, then use the mode of cool air. Trim split ends every 6-8 weeks.Do not experiment with a perm, new hair dyes. Better wait for spring.
Before washing for a few minutes, lubricate the hair with vegetable oil - this procedure perfectly nourishes the hair. Do not forget about hair conditioners and masks. The latter can be bought in a store or a pharmacy, and you can make your own. the simplest and most effective is sour-milk, any dairy product lying in the fridge is suitable for it. Apply it on the hair for half an hour before the bath. good egg mask, rinsing decoction of chamomile.
Temperature fluctuations in the street and in the room, the head-dress strongly electrify the hair. Use anti-static hair. So that your hair does not suffer from dry air in the room, buy a humidifier at home or at least put a bowl of water near the battery. Do not forget to replenish the water balance and from the inside. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

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