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Wishes for February 23 - for men, colleagues, classmates, friend - in verses, prose, short SMS - Examples of cool wishes in your own words by February 23 for dad

These men and future defenders of the Fatherland for the holiday on February 23 should be beautifully congratulated at work, at home and at school. Short SMS wishes for February 23 are perfect for sending to colleagues. Funny verses and prose can be used to congratulate classmates. But your beloved father or good friend should make beautiful wishes in your own words for the holiday on February 23. Using the proposed examples, it is not difficult to express respect and sympathy to every man you know.

Wishes for February 23

Short wishes by February 23 for familiar men - in verses and prose

On Defender of the Fatherland Day, it is customary to congratulate not only the closest men, but also simply acquaintances with whom you have to communicate on work or other issues. For them, the best wishes are short wishes, which include discreet texts. It can be both a verse, and congratulations on the upcoming holiday in prose. You can add short wishes for February 23 with personal wishes if the greeting will occur at the meeting.

Poetic short wishes for the holiday of February 23 for familiar men

Wishes for February 23

Small rhymes allow briefly and beautifully to express to the familiar man respect and admiration. They are easy to remember, so such an example can be used to congratulate a friend at a meeting, colleagues from another department, unfamiliar employees and subordinates during the festive event on February 23.

I congratulate now
The guy of the present.
Take off in life I wish
Powerful, brilliant.

I congratulate you,
Winter, strict and masculine.
Let fortune joyfully
Give happiness to you, male.

Defenders, happy holiday to you.
Reliance and shield you for us.
We wish courage, success,
Health, smiles and laughter.

Happy Defender of the Fatherland!
Be healthy and successful.
I wish you many years.
Be lucky, comfortable.

Short wishes in prose for February 23 for friends

A little prose can be both official and neutral. Such small greetings are usually used to fill out postcards or send e-mails. Short wishes for February 23 in prose will do for discreet congratulations from familiar men.

Congratulations on the most patriotic day - the Day of Defender of the Fatherland! First of all, I wish a peaceful sky over my head, and also brave courage, excellent health and unlimited wisdom. Let life be full of great and small feats!

Congratulations on strength and courage! May your life be peaceful and measured, success, good health, mutual love, decent salaries and true happiness to the defenders of our Motherland!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland and wish to remain a courageous and brave man, a kind and sympathetic person in any weather and in any place.Let life give you many opportunities to achieve success, a countless number of chances for success and a lot of great achievements.

Congratulations on the most courageous holiday! I wish you strength, courage, health, well-being in the family, incredible luck. May the sky above you always be clear, and peace be in your heart and soul. From February 23 to you.

Beautiful wishes for the holiday of February 23 for male colleagues

Wishes for February 23

Sincere and nice greetings from male colleagues during a corporate party or on the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day will help them in a good mood to prepare for a family or friendly celebration. To please the staff will help beautiful wishes, which may include good words, and expressions of sympathy and respect. Original wishes for February 23, colleagues should choose, based on their own desires. Ideally suited for colleagues from another department or unfamiliar employees and official greetings.

Examples of beautiful wishes in honor of February 23 for colleagues

The most vivid and attractive wishes in honor of February 23 include poetic texts. They have a beautiful form and are ideal for sending in SMS messages or messengers.From the examples offered, you can choose good options for each of the men of the working collective.

We have a lot of reasons
Congratulate dear men!
Without you, the rope does not wind
Soul to work does not lie,
As without a guitar - not sung.
Heavy work, a harsh life.
Why doubts and disputes?
Without you, we are like without support:
No joy, no optimism
Without you, the defenders of our Motherland!

Our glorious men,
Congratulations from the heart!
Be merry, loved -
We need protectors!

Let your salary grow,
Life will always be full
There will be order in matters!
From February 23!

On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland,
On the day of all true men,
Congratulations, colleagues,
I'm from the female half!

Strength, courage, courage
You a long time - do not hold.
We wish you today
Never lose heart!

Beautiful wishes for the men's colleagues by February 23

Good words with wishes of happiness, health, success at work can be used not only for colleagues, but also for subordinates. If necessary, they can be voiced at a festive corporate party or used to fill out congratulatory leaflets and cards.

Today we celebrate men
There are many reasons for this!
Defenders of the family country
Our hearts are given to you.

Let the desires be fulfilled.
Health and wealth - in the house,
Deal - good luck, prosperity.
And let sadness be a dream!

From February 23
Congratulations, colleagues.
Peace, happiness and good!
Let success befall you.

Let under the sky peaceful-peaceful
You live without adversity.
Let the character be strong
One goal - to go forward.

Ladies with you are flourishing,
Cheerfully eyes shoot,
Not a word to offend -
They see their protection in you.
Congratulations you are not in vain
Since the 23rd of February,
And with a hint, so that further
At work, you are not false
Protected them from harm
And on the shift, and at lunch!

Cool wishes for a friend on the holiday of February 23 - for SMS messages

Wishes for February 23

A good friend for the holiday on February 23 should definitely pick up beautiful and funny wishes. After all, a reliable friend is ready to help in any life situation. Do not do without the help of real friends and in solving business issues, and in controversial cases. For quick and beautiful congratulations to a good friend, you can use the wishes of February 23 for SMS. Original short poems are perfect for lifting the mood of a friend and sincerely wishing him all the best.

Examples of cool friendly wishes for SMS messages by February 23

In the proposed examples of poems for SMS it is not difficult to find excellent congratulations for a friend, colleague, and for a colleague, and for a childhood friend. Funny wishes February 23 is recommended to add personal greetings on the holiday.

Happy Defender of the Fatherland!
Let dreams come true
Let each of the men
Dreams of being like you!

Forces, courage to you, success
And a sea of ​​joy and laughter.
So that happiness was always there,
Well, love - your reward.

Friend, I hasten to congratulate
Since February 23,
Wish great happiness,
Peace, joy, good.

I congratulate you,
With a special holiday.
In it is a protector of praise,
Anyone who collected in life.
Here is my congratulations
Be always happy.
All dreams come true so that the time,
You have always been loved.

Funny sms wishes in honor of February 23 for a friend

Small sms are also suitable for congratulating friends of men living in the same country with the sender, and for friends of foreigners. In this case, cool short messages can be sent in chats or sms, which will allow to express a reliable friend respect and recognition without special time.

February in the yard -
Twenty-third number!
I wish you
To suddenly be lucky,
To women with a look
Always saw off
To happiness cascade
Ok you b!

Do not waste time, my friend
On February 23rd.
You use this moment,
Accept all the compliments,
Greetings and gifts.
At night, sex be hot.
In general, use with a vengeance,
That today you are a hero.

Feast of power, celebration of will,
Notes the whole country.
I wish happiness to the sea,
And the wealth of the purse.

Original wishes for classmates February 23 - in prose and verse

Wishes for February 23

For boys, classmates, girls can pick up beautiful rhymes and original prose by February 23. Future defenders of the Fatherland need to wish for the fulfillment of all desires, the fulfillment of the dream of a lifetime. Therefore, wishes for February 23 classmates should be really sincere and kind. They will help the boys in high spirits to hold a man's holiday.

What wishes in poetry and prose in honor of February 23 will suit for classmates?

From the proposed versions of poetry and prose, you can choose cool options for congratulating the boys. They contain original wishes that are suitable for high school students and students in primary or secondary classes.

Classmates, boys,
Our school friends,
Congratulations to you guys
From February 23.

You are year after year
Be true to the motherland.
Protect us, girls
And good luck to you guys!

Dear classmates, we congratulate you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland! We wish a peaceful life. May each of you be calm and confident in the future. I wish you strong health, a fair wind in all your endeavors, strength and dignity, courage and valor, pride and faithful companions!

Twenty third of February -
Important calendar day!
We are in a hurry to congratulate you
And say this is what we want:
Let always you boys
There will be courage with an excess!
Suddenly that - boldly defend,
Let's not be offended!
After all, you deserve to win,
You and the school have no equal!

Dear our boys! You are those who are our support and protection from all life adversities. I wish you all the best, good luck and success in business and in your career. Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, dear classmates!

We are jealous of all classes -
So many cool guys here.
We tell them: "in vain
Don't stare, hey! ”

These are our all heroes,
These guys are only with us.
Happy Defender Day Today
We will congratulate them yourself!

Universal wishes for men by February 23 - for friends and colleagues

Wishes for February 23

It is better to use touching or sweet wishes for February 23 for friends of men. But for the unfamiliar representatives of the stronger sex, universal greeting texts will be optimal. They are suitable for the wishes of happiness to those men with whom the congratulator is practically not communicating or communicating quite seldom.

Examples of universal wishes for men for the holiday of February 23

Among the options considered, you can find good wishes for men on February 23, which will appeal to a colleague, a stylist, and a yoga master or coach. The proposed poems are ideal for sending in SMS message.

Congratulations sincerely you,
On the twenty-third of February,
To you, from the heart, we wish,
Health, happiness and love.

Twenty third of February,
And I hasten to congratulate you,
Happiness and peace wish,
Long live and not be ill.

Congratulations on the holiday today,
So let the gifts be a hundred,
On the day of this great celebration,
Happy, you, defender of the Fatherland.

Let all the barriers dissolve,
And let happiness be the reward,
And you do not have to fight,
And may fate smile broadly.

Touching wishes to your beloved father on February 23 in your own words

Wishes for February 23

Favorite daddy and adult children and toddlers must necessarily arrange a real holiday on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. For example, sons and daughters can learn and tell him beautiful poems and read wishes on February 23 written in their own words. Correctly compose the text and include the best congratulations will help following simple prompts. You can also use these examples to write a beautiful greeting.

How to make touching wishes in honor of February 23 for dad in your own words?

The easiest way to write touching wishes is to include words coming from the heart. So, you can congratulate dad in prose, including the wishes of health, success, happiness, good luck. These examples can be used as a basis for creating your original congratulations.

Papa! I congratulate you on a wonderful day of men - from 23 February. I wish you to remain equally brave, strong, agile and vigorous. Let three dashing horses carry you through life: success, happiness and luck. May you always have everything as you want,that is wonderful! You are my most important and beloved man.

Daddy, I congratulate you on Defender of the Fatherland Day! I wish peace in the soul and in the world. Let only joy and light be in your life. You are our support, protection, support! You combine all the best qualities of a real man and the owner of a house. Let it be confident and firm will you walk on the road leading to the desired. Love you, self-realization and all the necessary benefits!

Dad, you're a real man, a great example to follow, and our mom and pride. You protect our family from problems and hardships, protect it and take care, thereby giving us warmth and boundless love. You are a real protector, and this is truly your day, with which I sincerely hurry to congratulate you. Dad, never get sick, always be strong and strong! Happy Defender of the Fatherland you. Always and in everything be the first and overcome all troubles!

Examples of wishes in your own words for the holiday of February 23 for dad

It is also important to include specific congratulations in the wishes for the Pope for the holiday on February 23. For example, to wish him a promotion for work, success in repairs, or successful fishing trips on nature trips.Such personalization will help to find those cherished words that your beloved daddy will be pleased to hear on a festive day.

Dear daddy, I congratulate you on your man's holiday! You have always been an example of masculinity, strength and solid character! I wish you always to be vigorous, strong in spirit, moderately strict! So that your friends respect you, they appreciate you at work, and the young guys always saw in you authority and an example to follow!

Dear Dad, I congratulate you on Defender of the Fatherland Day and sincerely wish you bravely and faithfully protect your family and loved ones, believe in your luck and strive for the right dream, I wish excellent health and good good, amazing mood and brilliant life victories.

Daddy, happy holidays! I wish you good health, strength, determination in any business, wisdom. I wish we never heard the sound of military weapons, so that the misfortunes went around our country and your courage, courage and fearlessness manifested only in peacetime. My dear, light to you and good, long life!

The celebration of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland can not be imagined without carefully chosen words for the expression of love, appreciation or respect.You can select beautiful greeting words from the suggested examples of short poems and prose for SMS, filling in holiday cards. And you can write cool wishes for February 23 in your own words. Such sincere and touching texts are best suited for congratulating dad and classmates. You can use them to wish all the best to familiar men, friends or colleagues.


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